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"Prepare. Respond. Recover. It's time to get Ready LA" - Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
It sounds like some kind of exotic island or maybe even a new sushi recipe. But a Tsunami is a huge set of waves that can occur in any low-lying coastal area. Those that strike in the Pacific Ocean Basin are normally caused by large earthquakes. Sometimes reaching heights of 30 feet or more, they can move hundreds of eet inland from the shore. Though tsunamis are rare, especially in our region, they can be extremely deadly By knowing the facts, you can avoid this frightening disaster.


Did you know
boat in water
  • A tsunami includes a series of waves, sometimes increasing in size.
  • Tsunamis can move much faster than a person can run.
  • Sometimes a tsunami causes water near the shore to recede at first, exposing the ocean floor
  • Tsunami wave activity can move boats and other large debris hundreds of feet inland and demolish structures as large as houses.
  • Tsunami danger can last for several hours after the onslaught of the first wave.
  • The Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 killed more than 150,000 people and left millions homeless.
Staying clear of the danger
waves in water
Nature has a way of humbling all of us. A 30-foot wall of water can make even the most daring adventurer duck for cover. When you hear a tsunami warning, it's no time to wax up the surfboard; it's time to think logically, act cautiously and find a safe place to wait out this dynamic weather event.

  • If you are at home at the time of the warning, calmly gather up your family and go to a designated evacuation site or to any safe place outside your evacuation zone.
  • If you feel the earth shake when you are on the beach or in the ocean, go immediately to higher ground. Do not wait for a tsunami warning to be announced.
  • Multi-story, reinforced concrete hotels, commonly found around many low-lying coastal areas and beach resorts, can provide safe refuge that is quickly accessible.
  • If you are in a boat on the open sea when a tsunami warning is issued, do not head back to port, as tsunami wave activity is undetectable on the open ocean. Tsunamis, on the other hand, can lead to dangerous currents in and around harbors and ports.

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