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"Prepare. Respond. Recover. It's time to get Ready LA" - Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
  City Emergency Kit Worksheet
Make a list, Check it twice

When checking off the items on your list, think about the number of people in your family, or any others who will be using the kit. For example, if you have four family members, you will need 4x the amount as you would need for one person, regarding items such as food, water, blankets, etc. The number of some items needed will not change, however.

As you begin stocking your kit, keep the worksheet handy as a reminder about replenishing perishable items such as food, water, batteries, etc. from time to time. Now is the time to do it... while everything is calm and you are thinking clearly.

If you prefer, visit the Red Cross link below and purchase an Emergency Supply Kit, as well as additional supplies, online.

You can download this form:
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